Our Process for Quoting Group Health Insurance

Step 1

We follow a series of steps to give you the best service possible.

Gather Information. Through an in-depth interview, we find out everything we need to make an accurate proposal, such as size of company, potential for growth, types of employees, purpose of benefit plan and personal preferences.

Less than 50 Employees:
Quoting Software.  Because Colorado uses community rates for all groups under 50 lives, we have built a proprietary software program that is directly linked to each insurance company’s community-rates and plan designs. To our knowledge, it is the only resource of its kind. It allows us to instantaneously quote every insurance company (all of their plan designs) and represent them to you in one simple and dynamic spreadsheet.

50 or greater Employees:
Send Out for Proposals.
Based on your needs, we request proposals from a range of insurers in order to give you several suitable plan choices. Our presentations are well focused and cover a lot of ground. We will leave you with a packet containing all the information presented so that you have something to refer to when you are reviewing the plans later.

Analyze Plans. Using painstaking methods, we carefully analyze all the plans and put them into a format where they can be compared apples to apples. When insurers present their plans, they highlight strengths and hide weaknesses. Our analysis attempts to put all plans on equal footing so that you can compare them accurately.

Step 2

Guide to Facilitate. Once you have made your decision, we guide you through the application process by helping you fill it out correctly. So that your new benefit plan is implemented smoothly and properly.

Step 3

Help with Enrollment. After the plan is in place, we will assist you with the enrollment of new employees. We will provide customized enrollment materials and explain plan details to employees.

Assist in Government Compliance. Group insurance exists in a quagmire of government regulations. We provide you with compliance guidelines and give you any additional assistance you may need. We provide you with continued services as the laws change.

Assist in COBRA/State Continuation Compliance. We will either provide you with complete COBRA/SC administration or just help you with your in-house administration.  The choice is yours.

Renewals and Reviews. When your renewal approaches, we conduct a review of your plan to determine if it still fits your company or if changes are necessary.

Additional Products. We keep you informed of new and additional products that may benefit you and your company.

Additional Services.  Our agency prides itself on being able to provide any unique services your company may require.  We will help to customize our services to your needs.

Questions Answered. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about medical insurance. Just send us an e-mail or call us today.

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